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Linux Libertine G and Linux Biolinum G fonts

Sample image of Linux Libertine. Source: Wikipedia Graphite versions of Linux Libertine and Linux Biolinum font families for LibreOffice and Fonts with ligatures, true small caps, old style numbers, proportional or monospaced numbers, capital spacing, automatic thousand separation, true superscript and subscript, diagonal and nut fractions, different numbering styles: number to number name conversion (in more than 20 languages), footnote numbering styles; right aligned footnote numbers, etc.

Download version 2012-01-16 (6,4 MB). Features: improved hinting for digital publishing by ttfautohint tool (FreeType project) and other fixes, see NEWS.pdf (297 kB).

Usage: Documentation (PDF, 246 kB) and its source document (ODF, 54 kB). See also Typography toolbar and Graphite Font extension of LibreOffice/

Linux Libertine and Biolinum are free fonts designed by Philipp H. Poll. Graphite is a smart font format and technology from SIL Foundation, supported by from version 3.2 and LibreOffice.


The Linux Libertine G distribution contains an OpenType to GDL conversion script. It supports OpenType horizontal kerning, substitution and ligature table conversion.

Old files

Download version 2011-09-22 (5,8 MB). Features: new font variants from Linux Libertine project: Linux Libertine Display for 16pt and greater point-sizes (eg. in titles, business cards, children books), bold (for titles) and semibold (for textbook highlighting); extended superiors (for footnote texts and captions), combining diacritics, hanging punctuation, italic correction and many other new features and fixes.

Linux Libertine G and Biolinum G version 2011-01-01 (3,9 MB). New features: capital spacing (cpsp), cursive ligature gj and gy, improvements for Dutch, kerning fixes, see NEWS.pdf.

Linux Libertine G and Biolinum G version 2010-10-21 (3,8 MB). New features: Nut fractions, hinting (better layout), especially with without anti-aliasing (eg. on Windows).

Linux Libertine G and Biolinum G version 2010-10-04 (2,7 MB). New features: N-dash and quoation mark corrections; small caps and fixes for Linux Libertine Bold Italic.

Linux Libertine G and Biolinum G version 2010-09-26 (3.2 MB). New features: fixed installation on Windows platform, four-letter feature ids instead of numbers; port of font features of Linux Libertine; right aligned footnote numbering/signs for

Magyar Linux Libertine G version 2010-06-11 (2.8 MB). Documentation (PDF, ~60 kB).

Usage of the numbering styles: PDF and ODT.


The development was supported by Foundation, Hungary.

Németh László
nemeth numbertext org

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Download LibreOffice with bundled Linux Libertine G and Biolinum G.

Lively Alphabet – an open source coloring book with SVG vector graphics and Linux Libertine Display. PDF (4.7 Mb) and its ODF source (47 Mb, released under the GNU Free Documentation License)

Source: Wikipedia

Linux Libertine is the font face of Wikipedia's wordmark. (For the “crossed” W of the wordmark set font feature “ss05” in LibreOffice by the extended font name “Linux Libertine G:ss05=1”)

Portion of a colophon referring to Linux Libertine G (Keith Humble: Earliest Piano Works, Copied and edited by Kim Bastin, Astra Publications No. 14, ISBN 978-0-9806990-2-9)[enlarge].

Sample pages of the previous book (thanks to the editor, Kim Bastin for the dedicated gift copy) [enlarge]

Advanced typographical elements of a portion of the previous book typesetted by Linux Libertine G. Colors of the highlighting: ligatures, old figures, true small caps, true superiors [enlarge].